Using So and Neither (showing agreement)

In showing agreement, you might use "so" and " Neither". So ---> for positive way and Neither ---> for negative way.

For example:

1. - I like football >>>> So do I (Positive). Means; you also like football.
    - I like football >>>> Neither  do I (negative). Means; you don't like football or you give disagreement on the statement.

2. I am English >>> Neither am I (Negative).
    I am not English >>>> So am I (Positive).

In fact, I'm Indonesian.

3. I have a cat >>> So have I (positive)
I have a cat >>>> Neither have I (Negative)

4. I can see for miles >>>> So can I (Positive)
I can see for miles >>>> Neither can I (Negative)

In sum, when someone states something, use So to give positive or agreement, and use neither to give negative or disagreement.

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