30 ways to say Hello in English

For Indonesia people, we usually say hello to people, either well-known or un-known. We are so nice to everyone. If a foreigner come to Indonesia, you might see Indonesian people will say hello to them.

When you are getting boring with your ways to say hello, or just hello mr, how are you.. You need to see this.

30 cara mengucapkan halo dalam bahasa Inggris. kata ini dapat kamu gunakan untuk menyapa seseorang. So, ini bakal buat kamu keren dan ga cuma itu - itu aja kosakatanya alias enrich your vocabulary.

Here we come --> 30 ways to say hello in English.

1. Hi There
2. Howdy
3. Greetings
4. Hey, What's up?
5. Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening
6. What's going on
7. Hey! there she/ he is
8. How's everything
9. How are things?
10. Good to see you
11. Nice to see you
12. Great to see you
13. What's happening
14. How's it going?
15. Good evening
16. Hey, boo
17. How are you?
18. Nice to meet you!
19. Long time, no see
20. What's the good word?
21. What's new?
22. Look, who it is!
23. How have you been
24. Nice to see you again
25. Greetings and Salutation!
26. How are you doing today?
27. What have you been up to?
28. How are you feeling today?
29. Look what the cat dragged in!
30. Good afternoon. sir, how are you today?

Ok, Now, let's practice. Silahkan kamu praktekan bersama teman atau dalam keseharian.


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