What is translinguism?

 Tatiana Baranova , Aleksandra Kobicheva, Elena Tokareva, and Evgenia Vorontsova, research on concept of the Translinguism and its application on education. 

On the paper wrote that :

"Analysis of the scientific literature shows that in its most general form, under translinguism (or in other terminology - translingualism) is understood as the successful language practice of bi- and polylingual. S. Canagarajah points to such important signs of translinguism as “smooth transition from one linguistic culture to another” in the process of communication, “lack of assimilation between linguocultures”, which the user of two or more languages owns (or masters), “preservation of his linguocultural identity."

On the one hand, translinguism as a social practice and its significance for our understanding of languages and the use of languages (part one) and translinguism in education (part two), analyzes the translinguism of both students and teachers, and pays special attention to the development of translinguism in pedagogy - that is, considering translinguism as a resource or asset that all children, teachers and trainee teachers must master.


E3S Web of Conferences 244, 11034 (2021) . EMMFT-2020


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