Simultaneous interpretation

What is Simultaneous interpretation?
Simultaneous interpretation is a technique in which the interpreter renders the interpretation simultaneously while the speaker is still speaking. 

Use the Simultaneous interpretation at;
Simultaneous interpretation is used in large conferences, conventions, and seminars where there is only one speaker addressing an audience. 

The concept and it may look like;
The speaker speaks into a microphone and the interpreter wears a headset which enables them to listen to the speaker and almost simultaneously render the message into a microphone in the target language. 

The need;
Those people needing interpretation wear an earpiece which allows them to hear the interpreter. 

Where do this technique able to use?
This technique is often used in media interpreting and larger conferences. 

What ability must have within an interpreter?
A simultaneous interpreter must have an absolute command of the target and the source languages, the ability to interpret instantaneously and accurately, and the knowledge of specialized terminology.

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