Definisi Translation (Apa itu Penerjemahan?)

Many scholars have given different definitions of translation. Catford (1965:20) states that translation is the replacement of textual material in one language by equivalent textual material in another language. Newmark (1988: 5) states that “rendering the meaning of a text into another language.” The next definition from Hatim and Munday (2004: 6) states that translation is “the process of transferring a written text from a source language (SL) to target language (TL)”. House (2013: 4) states that translation is the process of replacing an original text (source text) with substitutes one (target text). In short, translation is all acts transfer text from one language to another language.
Machali (2009:30) defines translation as a product and as a process. Translation as a process, we might see the practice of translation. In this case, as a reader might know and understand how translator chose a word in a translation. In contrast, translation as a product, reader is read the translated text or published translation by the translator. In the CAT Tool translation, the reader might only know the translation as a product or published translation by the CAT Tool. 

In the notion of meaning and translation, Catford (1965: 35), define translation need to have the same meaning as original or SL and TL have the same meaning. In the translation process, House (2013: 29) stated the notion of equivalent is equal in value, conveys the similar message and fulfill the similar function. In summary, in the translation process, not only replace or substitute the text but also transfer the meaning.

Sumber : Fuadi, C. (2017). An Analysis of Computer Assisted Translation Tool from English into Bahasa Indonesia and Vice Versa. Thesis. Unpublished Thesis. Yogyakarta: Yogyakarta State University.

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