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Newmark (1988, p.5) that texts always engage person, universal and culture. Many aspects should be considered in translating text, one of which is cultural term. Translation and culture are a concept related each other. A translator needs to have a good knowledge about source and target text, 

Newmark (1988, p. 95) categorize cultural category into five categories. 

1) Ecology: fauna, flora, and geographical features, 
2) Material culture:  clothes, food, houses/city, transports, and traditional weapons, 
3) Social culture: work, leisure, names and terms of address, and kinship. 
4) Social Organization: social organization, social administration, religion, artistic things and craft, 
5) Habits and gesture. 

Penulis daftar Pustaka untuk buku A Textbook of Translation :

Newmark, P,. (1988).  A Textbook of Translation. Hertfordshire: Prentice hall

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Buku A textbook of Translation by Peter Newmark

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