Kinds of CAT Tools

Here I write some examples of CAT Tools.

1.    Paid License
a.    Omega-T
Omega-T is written in Java and is GPL. It can translate OpenDocument files, well-formed XHTML, Java .properties files, key=value files and plaintext files, as well as a number of other formats. Omega-T extracts the text from the source documents, and the translator translates the text within the Omega-T environment. Text formatting is dealt with through special OmegaT tags.
b.    DéjaVù
DéjaVù is a propriatory software (EUR 990 per licence). It can translate many other propriatory formats and open formats, including Gettext PO. It works, similar to OmegaT, by extracting text from source files so that the translator works within the program’s own environment.
The disadvantage of programs like DéjaVù and Omega-T is that they can only handle existing, well-known text formats. The advantage is that they usually handle these formats very well or comprehensively.
c.    Wordfast
Wordfast is a Visual Basic macro that runs inside Microsoft Word, and it is propriatory (EUR 250 per licence). It translates any file that can be opened in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It does not extract text, but instead it selectively allows the user to translate the portions of the file that needs to be translated.
d.    Trados (bilingual RTF)
The way Trados handles files, is the same as the way Wordfast does it. In fact, Trados and Wordfast can read each other’s files – that is, the bilingual RTF files. This is the file type that is most useful for new or rare file formats. Trados is proprietary
e.    Trados (TagEditor, TTX)
A newer method used by Trados is called TagEditor (it produces TTX files). TTX files are bilingual XML files that are opened translated in TagEditor, which is basically a user-friendly XML-viewer (but it can only view TTX XML files). In this sense TTX is similar to XLIFF or PO, because it is a bilingual file which is generated from the original file.

The cost of each CAT Tools is different, you may check directly in website.

2.    Free License (Free Use)
a.    Google Translate
Google Translate is a free multilingual statistical machine translation service provided by Google to translate text, speech, images, or real-time video from one language into another. It offers a web interface, mobile interfaces forAndroid and iOS, and an API that developers can use to build browser extensions, applications and other software.

b.    TransTools
TransTools is a collection of translation tools for Microsoft Word / Excel / Visio and Autodesk AutoCAD. With its help, you will be able to speed up translation of Visio, AutoCAD and Excel files, search in Excel glossaries, format Word and Excel documents before and after translation, make sure translation is fully completed, localize numbers, clean up badly formatted documents to make them easier to translate and to eliminate excessive tags in CAT software, check the quality of documents or worksheets, automate some CAT-related actions, maintain To-Do lists and do much more.

These are examples of CAT Tools, hope help you. thank you.
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