Choirul Fuadi, Anisa Nur’aini, and Riyan Nuari

Yogyakarta State University
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Javanese  language  as  a  tool  for  communication  for  Javanese  people  is  rather  unique.  It spreads around Java Island. From East to West, Javanese has many differences, especially in vocabulary.  The  differences  of  the  vocaulary  sometimes  become  obstacle  for  the  Javanese learner  in  the  form  of  non-javanese  people.  Literature  might  be  a  solution  to  solve  the problem  because  literature  can  provide  many  vocabularies,  language  function  and  also cultural  understanding.  Literature  here  means  Dangdut  in  Javanese,  or  usually  called  as Javanese dangdut. Javanese dangdut  is one of  the music  types of dangdut  that uses  javanese language. The data  took purposive  random  sampling and There were 21  respondents which has  background  as  non-Javanese  people,  first  language  are  non-Javanese  and  student  of Graduate program of Yogyakarta State University. The  interview conducted both by  face  to face,  telephone and messenger  interview by WhatsApp application. They gave  six question, First  question,  they  were  asked  about  do  they  like  Javanese  Dangdut/Song?.  By  the  21 respondents, most of  them answer no and  the  rest answered yes. Second, how often do you listen  Javanese Dangdut. They gave various answers,  such as every day,  seldom and never. Third, Do the Javanese dangdut help you to master Javanese Dangdut. The majority answer is yes.  Fourth;  by  listening  Javanese  dangdut,  does  it  help  you  to  increase  the  Javanese vocabulary? The majority answer answered yes. Fifth; by listening Javanese dangdut, does it make  you  pleasure  to  learn  Javanese?  Some  of  them  do  like  to  Javanese  classic  than traditional music.  In  contrast,  they  answer  no  because  they  never  try  to  listen  and  feel  that Javanese Dangdut is peculiar/crowded. Sixth; by  listening Javanese dangdut, does it improve your motivational  interesting  to  learn  Javanese  Language?  In  this  question,  the  answer  is divided  into  two;  yes  and  no.  Javanese  dangdut  can  help  non  Javanese  people  to  learn Javanese language.

Keywords: Javanese Language, Dangdut Music, Literature

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In  this  research,  the  situation  is non-formal. The  environment  forces  them to  listen  Javanese  dangdut  everyday,  but not  all  of  them  interest  about  Javanese dangdut.  Javanese  dangdut  help  them  to understand  about  Javanese  language because music  is one of method  to  learn a language easily and happily. Javanese dangdut as popular music in Indonesia have many listeners. Javanese dangdut can be listening in all social class.

Javanese  dangdut  can  help  non  Javanese people  to  learn  Javanese  language.  Non Javanese  people  can  increase  their Javanese  language  ability  by  Javanese Dangdut but depend on  their motivation  to learn Javanese language. 


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